Updated: 8 hours ago
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The takeaway from this daily British pound chart is we have presently a Tri-star Doji candlestick which in terms is bearish.

However, we need confirmation from the Gravestone Doji and two hanging man candlesticks.

So far, the bears taken two stabs at the 1.3030 “confirmation level’, however, failed to unleash the bears.

A decisive break here would confirm the Gravestone Doji which in terms would give the call to the bears to take the market lower and potentially put 1.2750-55 on the map.

Looking ahead we still have the Bank of England (BOE) Monetary Policy on Thursday, with the more closely followed Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP) report from the Labour Department on Friday, which will offer another look at the U.S. employment picture.

No view is seen to the topside.

Levels 1st 2nd 3rd
Resistance 1.3160 minor 1.3190-1.3215 1.3260-70
Support 1.3080 minor 1.3030 rejected 1.2940-70